Friday, November 22, 2013

Thanksgiving is a-comin'!

One of my favorite holidays is quickly approaching: Thanksgiving! I love the fall colors, the activities at church, and many of the special things Patrick and I make the time for at this time of year. Normally, our students are just grateful that the end of the semester is near, and they are more jovial (and slightly less challenging!), which makes our days more pleasant. It is so much fun to be outside in the crisp weather and to curl up nice & cozy indoors when it gets cold.

This year, I have a few extra projects in mind for decorating the house for Thanksgiving and Christmas, and I was able to get started this week - despite Eli and I both being under the weather for several days. YUCK!  Luckily, we are well, and Patrick seems to be only mildly affected by our germs : ).  We have managed to get a few strands of Christmas lights out of the garage...much to Eli's genuine delight. For him, Christmas seems like such a magical time already. He is in love with the music and the lights, and I can't wait until more people get decorated!  He doesn't remember Christmas from last year; but he absolutely LOVED seeing Stone Mountain decorated for Christmas even then. We will be taking him there at some point this year to see the lights (and Santa!), but he doesn't know that yet. 

We did get a box for Operation Christmas Child, to fill and send with our church's boxes.  (Did I mention how nice it is to feel like part of a church again?).  Eli really did have a hard time understanding what we were doing. I am still not sure if he was clear...when Susan asked him who the box of toys was for, he replied, "for a little boy who no have toys or an oma or an appa."  This is correct. However, when Pastor Doug asked him who the box was for, our dear little one said "for Pastor Jan."  Eli was surprised when he saw all of the OCC boxes ready to go - and I think he is getting a little bit of the message we are trying to send - it will just take time to set in.

On the other side, we have asked Eli what he really wants for Christmas from Santa Claus. We had expected him to say a few things, but what he said did surprise us both. A few months ago, he was clowning around with his favorite book, despite warnings to be careful. Sure enough, he ended up ripping a page in his book.  Eli's Christmas wish?  To get his book fixed.  Every time we've asked him, he gives us the same answer.

Patrick has had the statement that many dads want to hear from their sons, though. Eli saw a picture of Yoda when he and I were chatting, and said "OHH!  Yoda! Star Wars!" I said, "You know, Eli, Yoda has a movie called Star Wars. I think Appa has it on DVD."  In reply, Eli darted from the room, screaming "APPA!!  I want to watch Star Wars movie, PLEASE!!"  This was much nicer than the time Eli looked at Patrick (while Eli was using the restroom)  and said "APPA! Let me alone! I'm busy!". 

This seems to have become my theme song of late...but I will hopefully be able to update again a few times during the week...with pictures!

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