Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Catching Up (again)...

Ack! Once again, I find myself very behind in posting to this little space! We had a lovely break from school two weeks ago, that I definitely need to post about (more on this later...but HUGE thanks to Terri and Jack for such a wonderful time). Eli is growing so fast and learning so rapidly, that I feel as though my poor blog is having trouble catching up! Thanks to our vacation time, Eli now has a nearly insatiable interest in Buzz Lightyear and Mickey Mouse. My poor buddy had an ear infection last week, which was miserable, but he seems to have recovered nicely. He definitely enjoyed the extra time out of school, especially the two days he spent hanging out with Grandma and Grandpa.

Lately, Eli has discovered Legos...need I say more? I have taken some pictures of his creations...but he's had to explain to me what they were. He still loves building towers...and Lego tunnels for his trains to go through...but lately, he's become more creative, trying to build houses, trees (looks a lot like a tower), roads for his cars, etc. he absolutely adores playing with his little toy animals and will not hesitate to point out the different animals, explain how they are different, etc. he had a blast in PetSmart yesterday when one of the employees let him touch/pet one of the snakes being placed into a cage for sale.

He has really expressed an interest in riding the horses more lately, and I officially started teaching him to ride yesterday. We discussed how to use stirrups, how to sit properly, and how to post (in a standstill). I am going to have to find a smaller saddle or adjust mine so that he can practice with a horse in motion. He now has an attention span and body awareness that lasts at least 30 minutes, which means that I will start letting him ride Reno independently in the round pen. It is still small enough to keep Eli safe, but large enough to help him get a feel for truly being "in charge". We missed all of the fall shows, but will shoot for a spring show, if all goes well. He will be able to show in walk only classes, and by spring, he may be ready to show trot one-at-a-time classes. Of course, Reno needs to gain weight again, and get healthier. We are looking into some weight gaining questions with our vet.

Eli has become very expressive verbally, speaks in complete sentences most of the time, and uses all parts of speech. His sentences are frequently five or more words long. He is reading pretty well, when he gets in the mood. He really does have weeks at a time where he reads everything in sight, but then will not want to even look at a book for a couple weeks. we respect Eli's pace and follow his lead on what he wants to learn. He knows how to count reasonably well to twenty, recognizes some of his numbers, and has begun describing how adding and taking away objects changes the number of objects he has. For example, he will say things like, " I have five corn chips. I eat one, and I have four more corn chips." Eli is really cute and funny when he talks about his cousin Emma. he adores her pictures! We were at the store a few days ago, he looked at something I found, picked it up, and said "Oma, this for mine Emma!" Two weeks ago, we got very tired of hearing so many of Eli's sentences start with "I want..." or "I need..." for things like toys or treats. So we did teach him to say "May I please have...." It sure does make the conversation pleasant! Of course, I am still having to say so many things that I never thought would come out of my mouth...like "Son, please don't put your chopsticks in you nose."

Of course, now, much of our discussion now is about Halloween. Eli is very excited to carve his pumpkin this week, although I think he may be more excited about popping pumpkin seeds than the actual carving (we'll see what happens tonight...). We actually went ahead and made our big pot of Halloween chili on Sunday - half of which has already disappeared. Somebody ate two large bowls of chili last night for dinner...then begged for more for breakfast. Patrick satisfied our little customer with a bit of homemade chicken soup that happened to be in the fridge! We are hoping to go to a local church's small carnival/trunk or treat instead of going door to door, because I think that will be more enjoyable for Eli.

We are also hoping to go see Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber again in a couple weeks at the Rock Ranch....

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