Friday, September 27, 2013

And Eli says...

After a crazy busy start to the school year, I am trying to get back to updating our blog!  I decided to start with a short interview, just to get started again. Someone is doing very well with his 2-3 year old preschool group, and is learning so much!  Aside from counting & beginning to read, Eli's speech has come so far. It is so strange to hear such long sentences in a tiny voice from a half-pint toddler - although he didn't do much of that tonight (he was too busy playing Wii MarioKart with Appa). However, he actually asked questions of the animal caretakers at the GA Aquarium when we went a couple weeks ago...he asked one employee what the sea anemones eat, and another if the Beluga whales like to play toys.  He was a little concerned when he found out that anemones eat fish...because, after all, Nemo is a fish who lives in an anemone...

At any rate, tonight's brief interview:

What is your favorite movie?
 Monsters & Buzz Lightyear (Toy Story)

What do you want to be when you grow up?
ummm....BIG! (throws up hands for emphasis) - and a cow. And acupuncturist.

Who is the best superhero?
Nana nana nana nana....BATMAN!!

How high can you count?
Seventeen, Oma.

What is your favorite word? (I really thought he'd say NO)
s-t-o-p spells stop  (should I take the hint??  He usually uses this when he is backseat driving in the car).

What is your favorite color?
Ummmmm....gray. Or brown.  (What??  Oh yeah...he loves camo...)

What is your favorite book?
Green & Ham.  Skippyjon, and Pete the Cat.  (That would be Green Eggs & Ham).

Who is Turtle Man?
He catches turtles, and racoons, and good snakes and bad snakes, and coyotes. Yi yi yi!  (Eli LOVES the Turtle Man)

What do you like to eat?
fish tacos and pork and okra and greek pizza with artichokes

(really...he'll eat anything that doesn't outrun him).

Hopefully, we will be able to get more caught up soon. I do have some pictures of Eli that I keep meaning to upload, but I haven't. I will have to do a better job keeping up here!

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