Friday, May 10, 2013

Conversations with Eli at 26 months old

Instead of my usual, rambling, developmental post, I decided to post some answers to questions that I've asked Eli.

Me: What's your favorite food?
Eli: HASHBROWNS!  KETCHUP!!  chicken....HASHBROWNS!!  cheese?

(In actuality - Eli will eat anything that isn't nailed down...he especially likes seafood, Thai curries, and spicy food, like salsa and kim chi - but there's no denying he's a hashbrown fanatic and will eat ketchup or salsa on virtually anything...including cookies (yuk!)).

Me: What's your favorite color?
Eli: geen. Or bwoo. red. porple. ellow. oraned. why. PINK! geen?

Translation: Eli likes a lot of colors. Including green (geen), blue (bwoo), red, purple (porple), orange (oraned), white (why), pink. We repeated this conversation later with his Grandpa, but Eli was not in the mood.  He definitely likes to make his own decisions!

Me: What do you want to do this afternoon?
Eli: Go play. Rocky. Ride bike. scooter. snack?  oooohhh....choo choo?? ELMO! paint? bubbles? book! snack? Sadie, NO!  OMA, Eli go play?

Translation: Eli enjoys a lot of activies, this include the playground at the park (Eli calls this the "go play"), playing with Rocky the dog (okay, so he gets Rocky to pull his scooter around), and riding his balance bike. He does consider snacking and bossing Sadie (the cat) around as fun activities; the rest is self-explanatory.

FYI: Sadie the cat is pretty convinced that Eli is her kitten, whom she must watch over and nurture every second of the day.  At home, she's his near-constant companion. This poor kitty tolerates a lot of bossing...but Eli loves to bring her toys.  And when he cries, NO ONE is faster at reaching Eli's side than Sadie.

A few nights ago, when Eli woke crying from a nightmare, I brought him to my bed, and Sadie cuddled with us.  For over an hour, Eli lay quietly beside me, petting Sadie (who was purring her heart out on my tummy) saying "uv oo Sadie...uv oo oma...uv oo appa..." over and over til he fell back asleep.

Back to the conversations:

Me: How old are you, Eli?
Eli: THREE!!
Me: Eli, you're two.
Eli: Eli THREE!!
Me: Eli, you're two.
Eli: "Eli two?"
Me: Yes, Eli is two.
Eli: Eli THREE!

Me: We're going to the store.
Eli: Steeore? Dollar?
Me: Yes, you can take some of your dollars.  How many do you want?
Eli: One, two, tree.  Tree dollar.
Me: Okay, here are three dollars from your wallet.
Eli: Feeore!  Eli want Feeore!
Me: Four dollars? Really?
Eli: Ne! Feeore! (translation: Yes, four)
Me: Okay. Here's a fourth dollar.
Eli: Pocket dollars!

Eli usually takes dollars to the store.  He rarely spends anything, though he gets a dollar a week allowance. He still has 90% of his birthday money from March. He spent some dollars to get his scooter (yard sale), a hula hoop, Thomas the Tank sunglasses, a Pororo book, a Veggietales Bible cover, and some on a Thomas the Tank pillow.

Me: Hey, we need to go feed the horses.
Me: Yes, we will see Grandma & Grandpa when we get there.
Eli: Ride? Ride horhie? Ride Reno horhie? (trans: I want to ride Reno, the horsie)
Eli: Wawer gahden?  (trans: May I water the garden?)
Eli: EGJs! Grandpa gramma!

Someone LOVES to go to Gramma and Grandpa's house : ).

Eli: Watch Choo-choo? (trans: May I watch Thomas the Tank Engine?)
Me: Not right now. Do you want to watch Sesame Street?
Eli: ELMO!!
Eli: Watch Pororo?
Me: Sesame Street
Eli: ELMO!!

Somebody loves certain Korean cartoons, and as much as he used to love Spongebob Squarepants, we have been able to gently guide him away from it to programs that are a little more educational for him. He loves to watch Pororo and Thomas the Tank (both in Korean). He also loves the Korean cartoons Bernard Bear and Viva Larva. When Eli does watch TV, we try to limit his English viewing to Sesame Street or VeggieTales - leaving the "fun" stuff for Korean, to try to help him remember what he knew before he came home.

Me: It's Wednesday.
Eli: nastics?  (trans: gymnastics?)
Me: Yes, we'll go to gymnastics.
Eli: YAY!!

Me: It's Friday.
Eli: Dollar?
Me: Yes, you get a dollar on Friday.
Eli: Dollar!  Ayowan (trans: allowance).

Arriving home after school:

Eli: Grass tall. (he sighs).  Oma broke the lawn mower. (sighs again). 
Me: Yes, I broke the lawnmower.  It was an accident!
Eli: Tractor steore fit it? (trans: Is the tractor store fixing it?)
Me: Yes, they are
Eli: Need babbery? (trans: Does it need batteries?)
Me: No, no batteries. Oma broke it.

A side note here...Eli's pretty sure that we can fix ANYTHING with a wrench, screwdriver and batteries...and the above conversation is verbatim.  It's the only time I've ever heard Eli use the word "the" in any context.

Me: (trying to fix a bicycle odometer); Aw, man!  I think it needs a watch battery!  I can't get the back off to see!
Eli: Oma babbery? (Oma, do you need a battery?)
Me: Yeah, but I can't open it.  I need a screwdriver.
Eli runs off, and brings me a screwdriver from his Appa's toolbox on the other side of the garage.

I've probably gone on more than I should...but Eli has become quite the talker lately. He asks questions about everything...and he's putting together some really good sentences. 

The last conversation for the post:

Me: What's your favorite movie?
Eli: JONAH!!
Eli: Whale eat Jonah!!
Me: That's right buddy.
Eli: Listen to Jonah in car?
Me: Yeah. Which song?
Eli: Jonah!

His favorite song is currently Billy Joe McGuffy, and he's singing part of it...but he calls all of the songs on the CD "Jonah song".  I can't believe how fast he's growing up!!

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