Tuesday, April 23, 2013

New Title

Once again, I am playing with the look and features of our blog.  I decided to change the name of our blog (though the web address will stay the same for now) because our lives have changed so drastically in the last year.

Last year, Patrick and I were still in the adoption process, and hadn't met our Eli yet.  We were still a quiet married couple, pursuing adoption. Our former blog title, Our Adoption Adventure, described our focus really well, because the blog, up until we met Eli and brought him home, was about the process of Eli's adoption.


That's not our focus anymore. We have Eli home. He's OURS - and the focus of this blog is now about how much we love our little boy and how he's growing!

IS this part of the adventure of it all?  Of course! But, just like Eli, we've "outgrown" the old one!

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