Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Visit to Zoo Atlanta

So, at long last, we made it to the zoo!  Eli loves animals, so it was only a matter of time : ). We first went to the public library to check out the zoo video. Zoo Atlanta offers a free pass for two adults and two children for anyone who does this, so we were even able to go to the zoo for free!

Eli did his best monkey impression while we called the different libraries (the night before) to locate a copy of the video.

When we got to the zoo, the first animals we saw were the flamingos.  Eli decided he LOVES flamingos. He wasn't willing to leave the flamingos until I signed (and said) "more animals", pointing to the path. He looked back at me, with his eyes huge, and signed back "more??". I told him "Yes, more" and he jumped in the stroller.  But, before we could leave, he did ask to take home a flamingo. Actually, he asked to bring home several animals.  And when we told him "no", he tried to take matters into his own hands.
I immediately grabbed him and started to pull him down; my dear husband said (and I quote) "Wait! Let him do it! I want a picture!".  So, I settled for grabbling his pants to at least slow him down while Patrick got the shot.  What animal was he trying to climb in with? Vultures and other birds.  But trust me - he also seriously considered trying it with the elephants, tigers, and panda bears.

Eli was truly excited about the Panda bears. Not because they are really cool looking. Not because they were eating dinner when we got there - but because one of the bears was "playing toys".  He also was really excited when I explained how one of the bears was an "Oma" bear (Mommy bear) and one was a baby bear...we've been reading a book about baby animals and their mothers several nights a week.
We decided to take time for one of the wildlife shows. We chose a bird show; Eli couldn't seem to get enough of the birds - even at the show. The only one he didn't really care for was the Macaw - because it didn't fly in the show. He adored the hawk and the hornbill and fell head over heals for an owl - which he also wanted to take home. He stared intently at all of the birds through the entire show, too - except for asking about taking home the owl. I mostly ducked and hid behind him. I am rather intimidated by Eli's feathered friends (although I admit to secretly liking the flamingo and owl, too).

All in all, it was a nice afternoon. After almost two hours, Eli sighed, sat down in his stoller and said "All done, Bye-bye."  We headed out, and as we left, Eli said bye to everyone we saw - and to each of the animals as we passed : ).  At the exit of the zoo, we heard music.  I asked Eli what instrument was playing, and he (correctly) said "Trombone!".  So we took a quick detour to find the trombone player.  I think it's really funny to have a little one who knows several instruments by ear - but his favorite BY FAR is the trombone - his Grandpa's instrument. Not even Patrick's trumpet is as interesting : ).

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