Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Ice Skating

Some people might not realize it, but we DO have ice skating in Georgia!  Eli got some ice skates for Christmas (thanks Gannie!), and had a chance to practice his skills back before the car accident on New Year's.  Here he is, learning to get his feet going : ).

My mom also got him a new pair of roller skates for Christmas.  However, I forgot the video camera last time we went to the roller rink, and haven't been able to take him skating lately.  Hopefully, we will be able to go soon - he's getting pretty steady, and likes to play "dead bug" at the rink - he even won the game last time and was really excited to have the prize (a glow stick). Thankfully, they don't play "dead bug"at the ice rink - it's too cold!  Eli's favorite game there is to grab one of the metal trainers (a device for kids to push around the ice when they are just getting their balance), run as fast as he can, then sit down to slide!

For now, a few more pics!

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