Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A Belated Update

Well, I'd intended to at least update my blog with cute videos of Eli learning to ice skate (video coming soon : ) !); then, I'd planned on updating after Christmas, and then we had the car accident (more on this in a later post), then we got sick (probably caught a virus in the emergency room),....etc, etc, etc. But tonight, Eli gave me so many reasons to post a new entry that I finally couldn't resist! This will henceforth be known as the blog entry that will probably embarrass Eli in middle school.

Now, to move back to our Eli's news. We did have our last post placement visit recently, and we are moving toward finalization! We can't wait! I can't believe how much I love the little man and his shenanigans.  He is definitely keeping us entertained!

Tonight, for example : ). A little foreshadowing: Eli has recently learned how to take off ALL of his clothes. He really thinks it is fun to take off his clothes.  He's REALLY fast at taking off all of his clothes (except his shirt, which does take a little longer). He also really wanted to go to Chick Fil A after we got home from his grandparents' house (he saw a bill board for Chick Fil A and said "chickie moo cow" so many times, I thought I was going crazy), so we took him.

Fast forward a little. After eating, Patrick took Eli to play on the indoor playground.  A few minutes later, Patrick returned with a joyful baby, shaking his head, telling me that I "wouldn't BELIEVE what Eli was doing."  When I found out that our son had stripped off his clothes on the playground not once, not twice, but THREE times, I choked on my chicken nuggets from laughing too hard!  Each time, Patrick caught him before Eli had much more than his pants off (he is a FAST undresser, too!), and re-dressed him. And each time, Eli went to play, waited until he was a few feet away from his daddy and yanked his pants off, laughing hysterically : ). Thankfully, he DID leave his diaper on; he has been known to take that off, too.

We are so blessed to have Eli and his hijinks, though. He amazes and surprises me almost every day with something new he's learned. From beginning to swing on the high bar in gymnastics (with only a spotter, no help), to learning the difference between left, right, above and below, to showing us the letters of the alphabet he's learned (e and i, sometimes he recognizes a and o) to some of his cute personality quirks (like giving himself noogies while shouting NOOGIE), he is one awesome kiddo.

We are very thankful that Patrick's parents were able to watch Eli this week, while he is recovering from a cold. But this fact led to another moment of hilarity tonight. My mother in law remarked that she thought Eli's clothes had an unusual odor, though not unpleasant, when she watched him today. I explained to her that he had Maty's baby rub on his feet.  An old home remedy for colds is to put Vicks (or something like it) on your feet. The essentail oils from the rub is gently absorbed from the feet throughout the day, thereby relieving congestion and cough. Tonight, when Eli was getting ready for his bath, I smelled one of his socks to see if I could still smell the Maty's.  I wish I could have taken a picture of Eli's face when I did that.  He exclaimed "EEWW!!" and looked horrified.  Then he walked around for a moment, palms up, asking "why?, why?". I nearly busted a gut. I had been laughingly pretending to smell Patrick's socks, and exclaiming "EW" just to make Eli laugh, but he really took it literally, and it was so funny to see him so weirded out!

Eli has also had a chance recently to give a laugh in the pediatrician's office. He has been showing interest in the potty for quite some time, and I have been taking a back seat to potty training - letting him do as much as he wants; there's no rush. When he tells me he needs to go potty, we go immediately. If he doesn't tell me he needs to go, we don't - and he just uses his diaper.  Right now, the potty is just an option if he wants to use it - no pressure. I really think he's too young to be very consistent, even if I pushed him. Anyway, we were at the pediatrician's office, and Eli looked at me and said "potty." I asked him, as I always do, if he WENT potty (in his diaper) or NEEDED to potty. Eli indicated that he NEEDED to potty, so we went to the restroom. I was chatting with Eli, as I always do, while he went potty, narrating what we do when we potty, etc. When I got back to the room with Eli, my poor husband was shaking with laughter.  He explained that the doctor had been in, and they'd heard me talking with Eli in the bathroom. He said all was well, until the doctor heard me say "wipe your buttcrack", and began laughing hysterically when Eli proudly replied "buttcrack!".

Now, for those who may be offended that my 22 month old can correctly use the word "buttcrack," I apologize. I never actually intended to teach him the word. And yes, it's my fault - not Patrick's (poor Patrick keeps getting blamed here). We had been learning parts of the body (head, shoulders, knees, toes, etc) at the time. I was changing Eli's diaper one day, and he grabbed a wipe and tried to "help" me wipe his bottom. I was in a hurry, and told him to get his hand out of his buttcrack. Eli took it to mean that it was what we were SUPPOSED to call that part of the body : /. It was his favorite word for about 3 days. Now that the novelty has worn off a little bit, he is not using the word as much, thankfully; but the novelty didn't wear off before Patrick and I saw Eli take off his diaper and run down the hallway at home, grabbing his bottom and laughingly shouting "buttcrack!".

I can't believe how many new words Eli has learned. I can't keep track anymore, honestly. He is also really working on putting 2 words together. He started with "Bye, ____". When we leave school, for example, we say "Bye, school," "Bye, Ms. Lee," "Bye, Kiki,", etc. He will frequently call or address us by name, and ask a question, too - like "Oma, hungry?". He also loves to boss the cats and dogs around. "No, Woody!" and "OUT, Toby!" are frequently heard from Eli. He knows the animals' names - that includes our pets, the horses, the dogs at his school, etc. He is starting to ask where things are "Weer dat?" and what things are "Wa dat?". It was a lot of fun in the chiropractor's office recently (for Patrick's back after the accident), when we picked up a magazine that had 8 or 9 pictures of different foods on the cover.  Eli and I sat together and identified the foods and the colors of the foods over and over (to his heart's content). I live for moments like that - I love spending time with Eli where he and I can cuddle and talk about whatever - even if it's colors and foods, and Eli and I identify them all thirty or forty times. It's impossible to be bored when he's around : ).

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