Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Another First

I never thought this day would actually come, but...a certain someone "forgot" to cry today when he was dropped off at his school this morning...he was too distracted by the Christmas lights : ).

Eli is learning so much...and while he really doesn't mind being at school, he had been protesting LOUDLY every time Patrick or I leave.  We've had to be very no-nonsense about it, but he is settling in well. Every day, I get him out of his car seat, remind him of the day (like, "It's Wednesday!"), and remind him that I am coming at 4:30 to pick him up. Then, he holds my hand and walks into the school (even if he's crying), and we put his jacket in his cubby, have one last hug, and go to his teacher (Eli calls his teacher Kee-kee). In the afternoon, he greets me at the door, grabs his jacket, and says goodbye to his teachers. They always say something along the lines of "Tomorrow is Thursday, we will see you Thursday."  Really, he's too young to understand the days of the week, but it certainly doesn't hurt to start talking about them. And since he's now been through a few repetitions of the days of the week, he is starting to say some of the days (he can actually say "Thursday" pretty clearly).

Eli's language is still exploding. He is really picking up on using two words together, which is really cool. He has a few "words" that aren't English or Korean - they wouldn't make sense to anyone but Patrick or I, but he uses them consistently. Like, for a long time, all horses were "Bogeys", though now he is starting to say (pony) and grandpa's truck is a "goo ga" (blue truck).  He is doing well with trying to ask for things when he wants/needs them...he is famous for saying "hungry" - and following a hungry statement with as many food words as he can think of...broccoli, cookie, candy, cracker, carrot, cheese, pepper, snack, apple, chikie (chicken), guacy (guacamole), etc. He is DEFINITELY using his color words more - we have heard him say green, red, blue, yellow, purple, pink, brown, and orange correctly. He is correct most of the time with green, blue, and orange, but those are his favorites : ).

Eli has been really funny with one of his "see-and-say" animal books lately. He was lying on the kitchen floor while Patrick and I were cooking and cleaning, and he was pressing the book's buttons. We were really tickled when he started mimicking the animal names and sounds. I took him to the Scholastic warehouse sale nearby, and he picked out every book with a dog, cat, alpaca or llama on the front. It took a while to narrow down his selection, but we still left with quite a few new books - including some Pete the Cat and Skippyjon Jones. 

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