Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Okay, so a lot has happened recently with Eli.  However, I couldn't wait to finish my drafted posts before I told everyone what he did yesterday.

Patrick was helping Eli pick out and put on his pajamas when Eli picked up his toy trumpet and starting "buzzing" his lips. For those of you who are unfamiliar, "buzzing" your lips is when you purse your lips and make a buzzing sound. This is something that trumpet players do to make sound on the instrument.  Patrick was surprised, and asked me if I thought it was coincidence or if I thought Eli understood that the lip buzzing and trumpet playing were connected. Since Eli has watched Patrick (and his grandfather, although Jack plays trombone) play a number of times, I told Patrick to get out his trumpet and see if Eli would be able to make some noise with it.

Patrick did. Eli insisted on pushing some of the valves before he blew into the horn, but he definitely played a note.  We were so excited, we called Jack, put him on speaker, and had Eli try again.  Another note - a much longer one! After that,  Eli was much more interested in looking at our Christmas lights, so we put the trumpet away.

We were so tickled!  I know that Patrick didn't start playing until 3rd grade, and I didn't start until 5th, but it is so funny to us that Eli is starting at 20 months of age. We'll let him try again if/when he wants to, but that was so cool. He does have a good singing voice for his age (with good pitch memory), so this has been fun for us to see. I wonder if his grandpa will let him try to play the trombone...

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