Monday, October 1, 2012

Visit with Grandpa Don

Patrick and Eli went to hang out with Eli's great-aunt Jeanette, his great-grandma and his great-grandpa Don for an afternoon.  Since Eli LOVES to eat veggies (especially peppers and tomatoes), and Great Grandpa Don loves to GROW veggies, he and Don have a lot in common! It must be noted that Gread Grandpa Don has a great sense of humor and was wearing a slogan t-shirt that read "Alcatraz Psycho Ward Outpatient".  Yep.  That's our family!  Patrick and I have each have shirts identical to it : )...we are also the people who wear the ever-popular camo shirts that read "Ha! Now you can't see me!" But getting back to the original story...

First, Don taught Eli a bit about one of his favorite tools - his tractor (they actually cranked it up and everything - but thankfully, Eli wasn't able to talk them into letting him drive it!).

Then, Don and Eli went to pick some tomatoes and peppers from the garden.  Eli proved to be an excellent pepper picker, grabbing the biggest peppers and gently pulling them from the plant.
Eli had a fun afternoon following Don around and spending time with him.  He really adores the men in our family and seems to have great fun with both Grandpa Jack and Great Grandpa Don when we see them!
At the end of the visit, Eli was playing with Don's walking sticks and looked so cute...we think he really wanted to be Gandolf for Halloween, but he'll have to settle for the costume we have already gotten him (it's a secret - but pics have already been taken and will appear at the end of October!).

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