Sunday, October 14, 2012

Visit to Yellow River Game Ranch

Patrick and I were not busy one Saturday, so we decided to take Eli to the Yellow River Game Ranch.  When Patrick and I were young, the game ranch was a fun place to go.  They had a variety of animals, all of whom had been injured in the wild and could not be returned to live on their own.  They also had friendly deer that roamed the park at will, coming up to visitors for treats (the game ranch sold carrots and other species appropriate goodies).  We were really disappointed that the deer were no longer the center of attention, and in fact were fenced away and difficult to see.  While the game ranch seems much smaller and less interactive than it once was, we still enjoyed the day with Eli.

The park still sells goodies for most of its animals, except for the carnivores.  There were some really strange people there, some of them yelling at the animals to "get up" and teasing the animals.  However, they all obeyed this warning!

After some louder people left, the three of us came back to the mountain lion and to see him up close.
We were also fortunate enough that when we visited the coyote, one of them came right up to us.  I am pretty sure the coyote wanted a chicken dinner, but we only had graham crackers...
We took some time to look for the deer...not much luck...
We did, however, enjoy seeing and feeding a lot of other animals.
The llama : )

The donkeys : )
The bunny...poor lonely bunny...he was all by himself!
In other words, we fed a LOT of animals...including a skunk, turtles, lots of chickens, geese, ducks, game hens, goats, sheep, MORE chickens (seriously, chicken were EVERYwhere...and it's no secret that I dislike chickens....).
Here's a quick clip that summarizes what most of the animals were like:

Eli's favorite animal was a large pig named Sis.  She was asleep when we came up to her, but we called her name and offered her a treat, so she came over to say hello.
Saying hello to our new piggy friend!
Getting a graham cracker for Sis.
Sis is  checking out her snack.
Yum! She likes it!
Giving Sis a smile. While the ranch is not what it used to be, we sure saw a lot of this today!!


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