Sunday, October 7, 2012

Mama Said There'd Be Days Like This...

I thought I knew what chaos was.  After all, I am a teacher at a public school.

Here's a quick snapshot of what chaos really is.

Last Thursday, I dropped Patrick (the hubs) off for martial arts, while Eli and I came home to take care of a few chores.  Patrick mentioned to me that he couldn't locate Dude after Dude was let out to stretch his legs this afternoon.  Dude is our foster cat.  He currently has a feeding tube because he got sick at the shelter, and most sick cats won't eat (the tube will come out, hopefully in a week or two). He is staying with us until he heals, and then he will return to the shelter to continue trying to find a permanent home.  Right now, Dude is chilling in a cat condo in our kitchen, but we let him out a few times a day to stretch his legs, use the cat scratcher, interact with everyone, etc (he's extremely sweet).

Returning to the story...Dude was missing in the house somewhere.  Eli and I searched and finally found him stuck behind the washing machine.  When he realized he had been found, Dude started wailing for help.  As I was pondering how to get him out, Eli had wandered into the other room, and I heard silence.  NEVER a good sign with a toddler.  So, I hurried to see what he was doing - which was letting Z (my big gray kitty) outside.  That is a no-no.  But Dude was higher on the prioirty list because because I was worried about his tube getting caught on something and he was wailing (that, and Z was already halfway up a tree).

SO, Eli and I returned to the wailing cat stuck behind the washer with his feeding tube dangling from his neck.  I tried to move the washer, and didn't see Eli try to "help" me.  He got his finger pinched between the washer and the wall.

So, now my baby is crying, the cat is wailing, and the phone starts ringing....and ringing...and ringing.  I picked up the baby to comfort him and to go get ice for his finger, and realized Z had returned to the porch and the other two cats were going berserk.  So now, the cats are meowing frantically, Dude is still wailing from behind the washer, the baby is crying, and the phone is STILL ringing, AND, at this point I can't find our sandwich baggies to put ice in for Eli's boo boo!

We finally get some ice on Eli's pinched finger, I realize that Z has caught a live chipmunk that he's trying to bring in the house, the other two cats are losing their minds wanting to play with the chipmunk, Dude is still stuck and wailing and the phone is STILL ringing...

I finally was able to comfort Eli, get Dude rescued (feeding tube intact) from his washing machine prison, get the chipmunk from the cat (poor Chipper didn't survive play time), get Z back in the house and answer the phone.

Who was calling this whole time?  Patrick.  He needed me to pick him up because his kung fu classes had ended 30 minutes earlier.  Oops!

Patrick and I laughed soooo much about this later....

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