Sunday, October 7, 2012

First Roller Skate Night

I love to roller skate.  I always have : ).  I even took figure skating lessons for quite some time and LOVED it (I still would take lessons, except that my coach retired from skating). So, when I came across some "grow with me" style toddler roller skates at a consignment store, I snapped them up.  I let Eli have some time with them on at home, just to see how he would do.  After watching my baby zoom around the coffee table a few times with no help, I figured that he would enjoy a trip to our local rink, which has a "cheap skate" night.  Now, mind, the correct way to teach a child to skate is to teach them to walk/run in skates with the wheels fairly tight, THEN teach them to roll, and that is what I did.  If you teach them correctly, falls will be minimal and infrequent, and you don't have to drag a slip-sliding child around a rink.

First, though, Eli had to get used to the noise and activity level around him - he also had to get his "sea legs" working, since the rink is very slippery compared to our living room carpet and kitchen linoleum.

He did have a fall or two where I didn't quite catch him in time, poor buddy.  But, it didn't stop him. He gets very determined when he wants to do something : ).


He held my hand *most* of the time we were there "just in case".  But it didn't take long for him to realize that he could skate like Oma!

Yep.  He's skating one foot at a time : ).  It really didn't take long before he wanted to go skate with the "big kids" in the middle of the floor.  I had to keep redirecting him AWAY from the traffic...which made him a little unhappy with me : ). And, yes, some of you may recognize the song that the roller rink was playing...he was dancing to it at the beginning (okay, he was bobbing his knees), and we thought we'd gotten him on video, but we missed it :(.


  1. Absolutely LOVE the background music. Perfect song for your little heartbreaker lol :)

    1. Lol... "I'm Sexy and I know It" is not the best song to play for elementary school children (and one toddler) on skate night...still wondering what the DJ was thinking...maybe they were trying to sell M&Ms at the snack bar?