Monday, October 8, 2012

First Hair Cut!

Eli had his first haircut since he's been home!  Mrs. Pomelia, who has cut Patrick's and my hair for a looooonnnggg time was pressed into service.  First, we watched Appa got HIS hair cut.

 Then, Eli climbed onto a stool and started "talking" away.

This pic is one for Grandma Terri...

Appa's haircut took a long time, because he had waited soooo long to get it done!

Eli was surprised to learn that he was next...

First the water spritzing:

Then the hair hits the floor!
He was a little worried at first, but decided quickly that this was a fun time! Especially when he found out that Pomelia's family has....kittens!
'OMA! If she follows me home, can I keep her??'

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