Saturday, September 29, 2012

Potty Training and Sleeping

So, Eli's sleeping is improving....and I mean REALLY improving. We still haven't moved out of his room, but we are getting close to being able to.  When it is bed time, he transitions really well into his crib and to sleep. He hasn't needed to sleep in the bed with us all month! He really loves watching his VeggieTales video before sleep, though, which is super cute.  We were in a Christian bookstore yesterday, and he went nuts when he saw a stuffed Larry the Cucumber.  He gave the toy a great big smile, and a great big hug!  I was pining for my camera!  He actually ended up taking home a smaller version of that will fit in his hand and that he can carry around.  Once he picked it up, he didn't want to put it down...he carried it through the store, to the cashier, "helped" ring it up, and wouldn't let us bag it.  He dropped it once, by accident, and started crying BIG tears until it was returned to him.  He held Larry all of the way home...and made room for Larry in his bed with Ribbert. About 10 minutes after we put him down, he was STILL holding Larry the Cucumber : ). Ribbert is the big froggie, while Larry is the toy in Eli's right hand. And just for the record...Eli is a WILD sleeper...rolling, tossing, turning...a bowling ball in a tornado has nothing on him!

Nap time is improving too, although he sometimes has bad dreams during his nap.  It helps when his favorite "babysitter" lies down next to him to nap. I think Sadie is pretty well convinced that he is a special kitten...she is very sweet, PATIENT and loving toward him.
So that brings us to one more interesting development...someone is potty training.  Sort of.  He really likes to come in the bathroom and sit on the potty, even though he's not using it consistently yet. He LOVES to flush the "big potty." And his father is teaching some interesting potty habits...but the picture speaks for itself...

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  1. Oh he is sooooo gonna get you back for that last pic when he gets older ;)