Sunday, September 30, 2012

More Gymnastics! Mostly Parallel Bars!

Some of y'all will notice that I have been posting like crazy lately.  I have written several blog posts that I have saved as drafts, but haven't had time to proofread and add pictures and videos...because grades were due, and FTE count and benchmark exams for my students were last week, etc, etc.  Therefore, there are several more posts coming, as I am now in the process updating our blog to make sure I have included the many events of the last few weeks.

For one thing, Eli has continued in his toddler gymnastics class.  He LOVES it. I have had a lot of questions from people about what the class is like, so I will take the time to explain it.

Usually, they do a warm up that includes a variety of objects, including a giant parachute and giant balloons and foam paddles used to hit the balloons.  While the kids run around and play and warm up their muscles, the coach plays some kids songs over the loudspeaker.

Then, the coaches direct everyone to either a rotation or an toddler sized obstacle course. In this lesson, the coach had placed mats to make a nice place for kids to practice somersaults, as well as "mountains" for the kids to climb and "tunnels" for the kids to crawl through.
We did the obstacle course a few times with Eli, and then did some high bar practice. Eli is learning to hold himself on the high bar (with help), though he really prefers the rings (because they swing).
For some reason, Eli really enjoys the parallel bars, and will spend a surprising amount of time working on them. Here's a few pics of him walking through on his own.
He saw another student "walk" through the parallel bars on her now he wants to do it, too!  I was spotting him while Aunt Joy took pictures and Patrick encouraged him.
He was actually able to move his hands forward several times on his own (with my hands ready to catch him, just in case).
Here, I was spotting him through a swing and a dismount! One of his favorite things to do is to get on the parallel bars and jump at the end (like he sees the bigs kids do).

We usually finish up with some time playing in a large inflatable "bouncy house" and slide or on the bungee swing (which bounces gently as it swings). Here, Eli is getting ready to slide while his daddy watches him.
Here, he's enjoying some time on the bungee swing and laughing at his daddy's tired antics on the floor below him.

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  1. Were those my pics? Or did you finally manage to get some good shots of the balloons? He's definately a mover and a shaker! :)