Sunday, September 30, 2012

Fingerpainting 101 : )

So, Eli cannot stand to have his hands dirty...or what he perceives as I have been working with him on different tactile experiences.  On the upside, his tendency to hate being dirty is why we are able to start potty training so early, keep his clothing so clean, and one of the reasons he eats so neatly. But, when we go into the yard and touch a tree or a leaf, he gets upset and will repeatedly ask for me to wipe his hands. If he is eating with his hands, he honestly wants his hands wiped at almost every bite of food, bless his heart (exceptions to this were chocolate cake and meatloaf...he was so excited about taste, he ignored the fact that his hands had food on them). I want him to be okay with being a little bit dirty when he goes out to play...after all, that's part of what boyhood is all about...and that's what baths are for : ).

My first thought was that fingerpainting is a great sensory activity.  I mean, after all, he LOVES to color with whiteboard markers in my classroom and Magic markers on butcher paper.  So, out come the fingerpaints and  several large sheets of paper.  Eli's Aunt Joy came over to help me, since, after all, art is her specialty.  We put on old clothes, except for Eli, who was content in just his pull ups (it was about 85 degrees out), and went onto our porch.

I put Eli's hand into the paint and showed him how to get it on the paper.

He wasn't thrilled at first about having the paint on his fingers.  In fact, he used his "canvas" as a napkin most of the times that I put paint on his hands. Joy and I were able to keep him going long enough for him to get the idea of the activity and spread the paint a little on his own.

And while he did decide that he had enough of the fingerpainting after about 15 or 20 minutes, he did seem to enjoy himself (ok, mostly he was laughing because he was trying to use our clothes as a napkin...). But his "art" came out cool enough to make nice framed gifts for family : ).

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