Sunday, September 30, 2012

Feeding the Geese

Patrick has been staying home lately with Eli on paternity leave while I have had to go back to school.  They have been having lots of fun going to the local park to play on the playground. Our park also has walking trails and a beautiful fishing lake with ducks and geese.  Eli has been fascinated by the ducks and geese, so he and Patrick decided to say hello.  We couldn't believe how close they let him get...and Eli was very gently reaching out to them.

Eli was so happy, he actually shed a number of tears when it was time to leave :(.  But it gave Patrick the idea to come back the following week with bread, so that Eli could feed the birds.  He loved this, too! But this time, the geese took over, and really didn't let the smaller ducks get close.

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