Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A Few Quick Pics and Another First

We are celebrating our FIRST post-placement visit with our social worker.  In order to finalize our adoption in the US, we must complete 3 post-placement visits.  The first visit is at 1 month home, the second visit is at 3 months home, and the final visit is at 5 months home.  Then, we can take the next steps, which will be to get Eli's new birth certificate and his US citizenship. Today, our social worker came to our home to observe Eli and discuss his adjustment with us.  The visit went well, and after some initial "stranger anxiety," (which is actually a great sign of attachment) Eli decided to show her his favorite toys. We discussed Eli's sleep issues, which are improving (yay!), and the fact that I have to go back work tomorrow : (. 

I know that Patrick is THRILLED to be on paternity leave, though.  I am excited about my upcoming fall break in October, when I will have another week off to spend with Eli.  He will start 2 year old pre-k in November (even though his birthday isn't until March).  We have visited his new school/daycare, and he fit right in and had fun playing with the other children while I spoke with the director.

And now for some quick snap shots that I took with my phone last week and forgot to upload!

Eli is relaxing in his car seat on the way to church Sunday : ).  I am going to be soooo sad when he outgrows the vest and boots!

Nap time : ). He sleeps in the weirdest positions. In this shot, his feet were moving like he was running...that's why the couch cover came loose!

Eli had a GREAT time at Lake Oconee Sunday afternoon/evening- our sincere thanks to Jim and Aunt Joy for taking us! We can't wait to go again!

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  1. :) Yay progress! I'm so happy for you guys! Keep up the good work Eli!