Saturday, August 25, 2012

Cousin Rilynn's Birthday Party

Eli really enjoyed going to his cousin Rilynn's first birthday party. First, the food (of course!), which was great. He definitely got his share of BBQ and potato salad!! Then, we had the excitement of playing with balloons and watching the big boys break open a pinata, and watching Rilynn get help opening her presents.  Eli REALLY wanted to help Rilynn, but we were afraid he would run off with her toys : )! Finally, the bouncy house.  What a hit!  Eli got to play with the "big boys" - his elementary school age cousins...and he had a blast!

I am thinking of borrowing an idea that I saw on two other blogs about having a "half birthday" party for Eli when he becomes 18 months old, since we were not yet a family on his first birthday.  It will be a much smaller affair that Rilynn's party, but Eli really seems to want an excuse to whack a pinata...and eat more cake ; ).

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