Friday, August 31, 2012

Checking In

First, here's Eli giving a big "hello" to everyone : )!

And he's gripping that juice box like it's going out of style!  Actually, it was pretty warm this afternoon, but since we were dropping off (and helping unload) hay for my mom's horse, we all had to wear pants and boots. Juice boxes and water were essential! A quick side note: Eli has a pretty awesome pair of cowboy boots, thanks to a friend of the family that gave them to me years ago, in anticipation of the day he would get here : ).  While we were waiting on Patrick to arrive with the hay for us to unload, we hung out around the horse farm where my mom's horse, Rocket, lives. 

Then, we headed off to look around at some of the animals on the farm.  That's my mom (Eli's grandmother) leading us around. 

Eli met some of their ponies and burros up close : ).  He has his own pony (ok, he actually shares Reno - a VERY gentle, full size horse - with me), but enjoys meeting new ponies, just the same!  He really loved the burros' ears and the sounds that the burros made.

When it was time to move on, Eli did NOT want to leave his new friends! I had some work to do to convince Eli to let go of the fence : )

But wait - what's this??  MORE ponies??

Yep...We also got to meet ButterScotch and her (grown) baby, Pistol.

And after lifting and toting this winter's hay around for Grandma's horse, we were HUNGRY! So we went to a local Tex-Mex restaurant to see if Eli liked the cuisine (he had never had it before).  When I say that Eli LOVES salsa, it is a serious understatement : ).  And guacamole.  In fact, he loved the guacamole so much, Aunt Joy had to take a pic of him eating it with his fingers (yuk!).

Actually, I owe a big THANK YOU to Aunt Joy for taking these pics today.  I am rarely in pictures with Eli because I am usually the one behind the camera! Tomorrow we are celebrating Eli's 18 month old birthday (since we weren't able to celebrate his 1 year birthday with him, we will celebrate 1.5). Eli, Patrick, Joy, Grandma and I are going to the park to enjoy a cake, a pinata, and the playground!

It also bears mentioning that, although Patrick and I are still sleeping in Eli's room with him, Eli has begun to sleep at least part of the night in his own bed!  Whoo  hoo!  He made it ALMOST through the night last night in his bed, which was awesome. He still sleepwalks and talks in his sleep (and has occasional nightmares or night terrors), but this is definitely improving.  He is happier every day, too, which is beautiful to see.

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  1. Does this mean I'm the official family photographer now ;) Can't wait for tommorow!