Saturday, August 25, 2012

Catching Up much has happened in the last few weeks, I wanted to include another post tonight to catch up on everything.

First, Eli had his baby dedication at our church last Sunday.  Bless his heart - not many babies shake the minister's hand and so solemnly reach out to accept their first Bible from the minister during a baby dedication! We weren't able to get pics during the ceremony, but here's Eli with his daddy right after the service.

Eli has also been living it up in the front yard.  I am not sure if he's ever seen so much space before, though he is certainly getting used to it! Patrick had him picking "flowers" (mostly dandelions) for me, but Eli got a little excited and started giving me nice long stems of grass!

Of course, we've been hitting up the local playgrounds, too!  Eli is LOVING the slides and swings, and actually said one of his first English words the other day: "again!".

Oh, yes, our little boy is learning English FAST, though he is very selective with his words and who he talks to.  He and Patrick have had several "discussions" about whether he is to call Patrick "Oma" (mother) or "Appa" (father). It went something like this:

                       Patrick, pointing to himself, says, "Appa"
                       Eli, pointing at Patrick, shakes his head and says, "Oma."
                       This continues for about six rounds until Patrick breaks down the syllables and says "Ap Pa"
                       This caused Eli to get the giggles and break down HIS word for Patrick " O  MA"

To make matters a little more confusing, Eli knows the Korean phrase "Mam ma", which means "food" or "feed me."  Half the time he says "Mam ma" he means food, and half the time he's calling for me!  I was wondering which he wanted yesterday, when he walked into the kitchen, took out a pan from the cupboard and brought it to me.  At least he clarifies! I would love for him to call me Oma, but he won't yet, because that's what he's calling Patrick.

His best new friend is one of our cats, Woody.  Poor Woody.  Out of all of our pets, I would have thought Woody would not want anything to do with Eli, as he's an older, quiet-loving cat. I have been pleasantly surprised by Woody's kindness and loving attitude toward Eli.  I really do need to post pics of them together soon!  Today, Eli wanted Woody to play, and brought him quite a few toys (some cat toys, some Eli toys) to get him interested.  Woody has been laying across Eli's feet during nap time, and when I noticed that Eli was sleeping through nap time without a problem, I began to allow Woody to lay down with Eli as he went to bed at night (he doesn't get to stay all night, though...more about that later).  Works like a charm.  I wish I had done that quite some time ago, as our first week and a half as a family was very sleepless.

Woody the cat (above) is a poster boy for the beauty of finding amazing pets at animal shelters.  We got him from Furkids in Atlanta, Georgia (visit  He started out as a "foster" cat...a cat who has significant special needs who we agreed to care for until such time that he could find a permanent home (we do this a LOT as animal shelter volunteers, though we have stopped until Eli is more settled). At the time we began fostering Woody, he had sustained a very serious/grotesque injury to his leg that nearly resulted in amputation; Woody also has a special condition called FIV. The condition can suppress his immune system and affect other organ systems as Woody ages, though it is not transmissible to people (it is a "cat only" condition). Because of this and another medical issue, Woody eats very slowly, and he eats prescription food. This means he does need several hours at night, by himself, to eat. I absolutely fell head over heels for this kitty from the moment I looked in his eyes, and Patrick and I decided that we wanted to keep him shortly after he came into our home.  I have always had a soft spot for kitties with special needs, especially FIV cats, since they are often overlooked, but I had hesitated to make Woody officially ours until Eli came home.  Since Woody has made it clear that he and Eli are BFFs, he is obviously staying (much to my joy!).

Whew!  I think that catches me up.  I think I got a little off track with the kitty chat, so I think I will close out this "super" long post with one more pic of our SUPER boy : ).

                                                     "What do you mean, I can't fly??"

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