Friday, May 18, 2012

Care Package

We finally have a really cute care package to send our Eli!  I am about to dash off to the Fed Ex office to send it.  We included clothes, some little Mega Blocks cars (toddler-safe!), a recordable storybook & a photo album that is made especially for babies.  It only holds 4 pictures, but it is soft-sided & safe for them to chew & slobber on.  At least he will see pictures of his new family & home!  We also included 2 very small stuffed animals & a very small blankey.  I am going to put in some disposable cameras for the foster family to take pictures of Eli, too.  We included some small gifts for his foster family & caseworker, in addition to all of that.  I am a little afraid of what shipping might cost!!

Summer vacation is on its way - finally!  My students were really excited to find out that they ALL passed their end of course test : ). It will be nice to have time to really get ready for Eli to come home.  I am about to start calling for long term substitutes for when I will be out next year.

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