Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Almost Summer

Wow! It's hard to believe that the end of the school year is almost here!! We have 11 more school days to go. I am very excited about this summer because I have decided to not teach the full length summer school this year.  I am working with a four day math camp, but that's it!  Hooray for vacation! Patrick and I have been working so hard this year - he took an extra part time position as the middle school social studies coordinator (in addition to teaching full time) - we will definitely appreciate the time at home together.

We have been really studying Korean, since that's all Eli's heard so far.  We have a tutor not far from where I teach who was born in and lived in South Korea until she married.  She is awesome!  Patrick and I can both already read  (and understand) some small children's books - what an exciting thing to be able to do with Eli!

We haven't received our baby's legals from S. Korea yet, but the sw said that it could take about a month for them to arrive after our acceptance was sent to Korea (Apr 20).  I will be printing our I-600 to send this weekend to have it ready to go out as soon as his legals get here.  There is a family in our agency about 2 months ahead of us for a travel call, so I am definitely watching their situation and waiting on their travel call to try to predict when ours might happen! 

We are having a baby shower today that I am excited about.  My coworkers decided to surprise me, since we don't really know when baby Eli will be coming home.  What a day to do it, though - the shower is sandwiched neatly between EOCT testing and a banquet (I am officially technology teacher of the year for my school-yay!).  We are preparing a package to send to Eli and his foster family this Saturday, too - and we to get lots of pictures and updates.  We can't wait to meet our baby and bring him home!

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  1. Aw,We sent our acceptance packet on April 20th of last year! And I vividly remember sending that first care package!! I pray your little one is home very soon.