Friday, May 18, 2012

Care Package

We finally have a really cute care package to send our Eli!  I am about to dash off to the Fed Ex office to send it.  We included clothes, some little Mega Blocks cars (toddler-safe!), a recordable storybook & a photo album that is made especially for babies.  It only holds 4 pictures, but it is soft-sided & safe for them to chew & slobber on.  At least he will see pictures of his new family & home!  We also included 2 very small stuffed animals & a very small blankey.  I am going to put in some disposable cameras for the foster family to take pictures of Eli, too.  We included some small gifts for his foster family & caseworker, in addition to all of that.  I am a little afraid of what shipping might cost!!

Summer vacation is on its way - finally!  My students were really excited to find out that they ALL passed their end of course test : ). It will be nice to have time to really get ready for Eli to come home.  I am about to start calling for long term substitutes for when I will be out next year.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Getting Ready

We are so excited to be getting ready for Eli's arrival.  We are reworking our closet/storage spaces to be more "user-friendly" & I am working on redoing the garage as a very cat-friendly space for when Eli cries or is very active and the cats need to get out for a while.

We filed for Eli's I-600 at the end of last week, and are officially waiting to hear back from USCIS (though it will probably take a few weeks).  We are still hoping and praying to get through the red tape quickly so that we can get our travel call!!

We have put together a package to send to Eli and his foster family with gifts.  We are sending some really cute clothes for Eli (including some awesome Mickey Mouse PJs) & several small toys.  We also have some little Bath & Body Works lotions & some Starbucks instant coffee for his foster parents.  We really appreciate that they have taken care of him these past few months for us.  We have a few more things that we will bring as gifts when we fly over there, too.  I'm a little nervous about the cost of shipping, but I am sure that I will find out soon.

I am finally finishing my "Thank You" notes from the awesome baby shower that two of my illustrious co-workers threw me last Wednesday.  I wish I weren't so far behind on those!  I really appreciate the loving and caring attitudes of all of my friends and coworkers.  It means so much to me : ).

We are finally starting to wind down the school year (just a bit), and I'm getting a chance to breathe again.  This has been the busiest year I've ever had as a teacher!  I took on a lot of responsibility this year to help the time pass until we had a referral, and I'm pretty sure that I overdid it!  I won't be teaching summer school full time this year, which will be great (I am only teaching for 1 week in June).  We'll have more time to rest up before Eli comes home and we start the school year all over again!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Next Step

I got a call yesterday that Eli's legals are in!!!  This means that we can now file his I-600.  The I-600 gives him the okay to can come into the US as an adoptee.  We are so excited!!!  Our sw estimates that, if all goes well, and if his paperwork gets submitted for an EP in June, we should be able to fly in July!!  An EP, by the way, is an exit permit.  It gives Eli permission to apply for an exit Visa to come over.  Both the I-600 and the EP take about 4 weeks to process.  In other words, we are about 8 weeks from meeting our baby and are EXCITED!!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Almost Summer

Wow! It's hard to believe that the end of the school year is almost here!! We have 11 more school days to go. I am very excited about this summer because I have decided to not teach the full length summer school this year.  I am working with a four day math camp, but that's it!  Hooray for vacation! Patrick and I have been working so hard this year - he took an extra part time position as the middle school social studies coordinator (in addition to teaching full time) - we will definitely appreciate the time at home together.

We have been really studying Korean, since that's all Eli's heard so far.  We have a tutor not far from where I teach who was born in and lived in South Korea until she married.  She is awesome!  Patrick and I can both already read  (and understand) some small children's books - what an exciting thing to be able to do with Eli!

We haven't received our baby's legals from S. Korea yet, but the sw said that it could take about a month for them to arrive after our acceptance was sent to Korea (Apr 20).  I will be printing our I-600 to send this weekend to have it ready to go out as soon as his legals get here.  There is a family in our agency about 2 months ahead of us for a travel call, so I am definitely watching their situation and waiting on their travel call to try to predict when ours might happen! 

We are having a baby shower today that I am excited about.  My coworkers decided to surprise me, since we don't really know when baby Eli will be coming home.  What a day to do it, though - the shower is sandwiched neatly between EOCT testing and a banquet (I am officially technology teacher of the year for my school-yay!).  We are preparing a package to send to Eli and his foster family this Saturday, too - and we to get lots of pictures and updates.  We can't wait to meet our baby and bring him home!