Thursday, July 14, 2011

Learning Hangul

Patrick and I are still patiently waiting (not that we've really been waiting for long yet).  I taught summer school this June, partially for the distraction, partially for the pay.  From what I've heard from the principal, many of my students did well on the end of course test (I haven't gotten all of the results yet).  We have both decided to start learning Korean, which has been a very interesting pursuit indeed.  We've pretty much mastered the sounds of the alphabet and writing in syllable blocks, but increasing our vocabulary is definitely a challenge!  Rosetta Stone helps, but can be really confusing sometimes, especially with numbers.  It's also really funny that the first 3 times Patrick and I tried to translate his name into Hangul, we came up with 4 different spellings - we had to enlist the help of a friend (a native Korean speaker) for that!  I wish I could get my computer to allow me to type in Hangul for practice, but I don't have the correct word processor for it.  We've been ordering books in Hangul, too - for reading practice, of course. Some of the books we've found in Korean have really funny translations for the titles.  One of the employees at a Korean bookstore we visited was shocked to learn that we knew enough Hangul to pronounce and translate the titles of the books we'd purchased.  We have a long, long, long way to go with it though.  I still have to sit down with a dictionary even to read very simple children's books.  The meetup lessons on Buford Hwy have been really helpful, for the most part, even though they tend to concentrate only on pronunciation, and less on learning new words.  We filed our I-600A in June, and were fingerprinted in July, and are awaiting our approval on that front.  Still prayerfully hoping to be matched with our baby soon. We still say prayers every night for the safety and peace of our baby, and his/her first family.

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  1. Hello! Fellow Korean AP saying hi! How's the hangul learning going? My husband conked out after a few lessons of the Rosetta stone. Language learning is hard!
    I hope you continue to update your blog because I'm journeying with you! =)