Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Weary Wednesday

Wow.  We are soooo tired from the last week.  It is a standardized testing week for both of our schools, and those involve a lot of preparation and constant observation of the children, though I have only a small group this year.  Smokey the pony had a second minor surgery on her infected sinus.  We've been helping her fight this infection for 8 months now.  The veterinary surgeon placed a catheter in her sinus cavity that has to be flushed twice a day.  Smokey's not such a big fan of having this done....and it's very difficult to tell a horse to stand still and behave when they don't want to!  Still, we are doing very well with the treatment, and are hoping that this proves to be the ticket to heal her.  Her neurological symptoms seem to be improving, but the runny nose is as bad as ever.  She's such a good pet, and we will keep working with her as long as we can.  Luckily, none of the other horses have any sign of illness; we were told that this type of infection in a horse is very rare.  The waking at 5 AM to drive to the barn is wearing me down a little, but Patrick has been an amazing help.  Luckily, Allie the foster kitten is now 4 weeks old and has been weaned to kitten food.  She will go back to the animal shelter for adoption in 2 more weeks or so.  It's hard to believe that we've cared for her for 3 weeks already! I know my students miss seeing her at school, but they are always looking forward to seeing other foster kittens.

Adoption news: we received a letter today saying that our homestudy packet was sent to South Korea this morning!  The letter had several suggestions on how to pass the wait time; some of them look like a lot of fun (such as starting a life book for the baby).  I have to hurry up and finish this master's degree first, though!  Each time I get communication from the adoption agency, telling us we are one step closer to our baby, my heart jumps for joy!  Patrick and I are hoping to purchase language software so that we can learn Korean.  It will have to wait for summer, though - we are really busy finishing out the school year.

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