Friday, April 22, 2011


The pollen is out in force, and the days of tissues, red noses, coughing and sneezing are here for most people.  Patrick and I are normally spared this icky-ness, as we are not allegeric to pollen.  Somehow, though, this year is different.  We are both under the weather, and have a new-found appreciation for those that deal with the runny nose and clogged sinuses every spring. I was home from work yesterday, not feeling well at all, and I saw a commercial for Korean language software.  Patrick and I had discussed purchasing this multiple times, and wanted to, except for the expense.  His parents recently purchased Japanese software so that they could learn enough to communicate with Lee's wife. Anyway, I called the 800 number for the company and, since they were running a very nice special price (much, MUCH lower than I'd seen in stores), I was able to purchase the software - hopefully we will know at least some of the language by the time we travel over to South Korea!  We are already exeperimenting with types of Korean cuisine...Patrick really loves the sesame oil and toasted sesame seeds that accompany many of the dishes.  I love the white kim chi (the red doesn't agree with my stomach).  We made bulgogi beef and bibimbap not long ago, and it was delicious!  I really wish I had the traditional stone bowls to serve the bibimbap in, though. I may check for them next time I go to the Asian market up in Buford. 

On the bright side of everything, too, is that Easter is almsot here!  It seems a bit late this year; it is traditionally one of my favorite times (though Thanksgiving is my all-time fav).  We are going to Gannie's house for lunch with the family; I hope they hide eggs for the little kids to find.  We used to have so much fun with that when my cousins and I were little.

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