Tuesday, March 1, 2011

New Book

The day I received the book, A Love Like No Other in the mail, I sat down to browse some of the stories, and really got caught up in them.  The format of the book is that individual writers each contributed one chapter.  They are all from adoptive families, and many are nontraditional in make-up.  The families themselves are very diverse in every conceiveable way.  I loved the forthrightness of all of the authors, telling the good and the bad.  I highly recommend it to anyone who is either interested in adopting or who is open minded and curious about learning about the types of families that do adopt.  I am learning that on this journey, while Patrick and I will get a family and children that we will love, we will be facing many challenges that biological parents don't face, from the more miniscule school 'family tree' assignments, to the weighty issues of racism and anti-immigration feelings that seem to be on the rise right now.  Sometimes, I am feeling ready to take any of these head-on, sometimes, like today, I feel intimidated, even though I know we will make it through.

I am also VERY concerned about our adoption progress.  We thought that our homestudy would be sent to S. Korea on the first of the month, but it won't be.  Arg!  I need to figure out how to relax!

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