Friday, March 11, 2011

Japan Earth Quake; Home Study News

We woke this morning to the news of the earthquake in Japan.  We were really concerned about Lee, my husband's brother, who lives there, and neither Patrick nor his parents were able to get a hold of him on the phone.  I was a little frightened looking at the pictures of the devastation, until my father in law reminded me that on the map, Toyama is quite a ways away from the epicenter.  We heard from Lee at around 12 PM today, and, thankfully, he is fine.  He did say that they definitely felt quite a bit of shaking from the earthquake, and that there was minor damage in various places; we are also very thankful that he is not near any of the nuclear plants that were having trouble.

Yesterday, we received a draft of our homestudy from the adoption agency.  Whoo Hoo!  They will be forwarding to South Korea at the end of the month (March), so it should get there by the first of April.  After hitting all of the speed bumps and delays, I finally feel like we are on track again.  Patrick and I are going to a local Korean restaurant tonight to celebrate.  I am also going to use some free time tomorrow to upload some items for sale on eBay; I've been meaning to for almost a month now!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Random Ramblings During the Rainstorm

It has been a calm few days, except for the minor food fights that we've had at school.  We don't really have any new adoption news at this point; we are just quietly waiting, going to work, and I'm working on the master's degree.  Pretty boring right now, though our horses definitely have a sense of humor with all of this rain our town has had recently...they've been running as fast as they can and sliding to a stop in the mud, slinging water and mud everywhere.  They are really muddy and gross afterward, but it is fun to watch them play.  We've had our hands full with muddy doggie paws, too, but at least we have a baby gate now to keep the dogs on the linoleum on their way to the garage.  Right now, Z (the fat kitty) is attempting to stuff his 14 pound behind into a tiny cardboard box (8 x 12 x 2 inches), and Tai (the nutty siamese) is chasing marshmellows.  Yes, marshmellows.  If you've never tried it - cats LOVE chasing them, and the candy not only bounces at fun angles, it is easy for them to pick up with their claws.  It's really cheap entertainment (have you SEEN the price of cat toys??), and harmless to the cats, floor and furniture - my cats love them almost as much as the paper grocery bags that I bring home from the market. I will have to hold off on them when the baby gets home until he/she is old enough not to put something like that in his/her mouth. I wish I could find dog toys this easily and cheaply!  Toby the wonder dog is especially rough on his (and he's more playful than the other two, as he's considerably younger), and they don't last long (except for the Kong toys, but they are expensive).  It is almost warm enough to shave Toby and Bear, which will definitely help cut down on the mud and dirt they are do fond of...thankfully Rocky's not only short-haired, he's fastidiously clean.  Smokey the horse is still sick, and we are waiting for her test results to come back from the university so that the vet can treat her appropriately.  We're still crossing our fingers that the infection is a tooth root, and not something more serious.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Waiting Game

I love the fact that we've finally made it to one of the waiting periods.  I know that sounds funny..but it is a relief to not have to worry about getting stacks of paperwork sent off!  This part (the quiet part) won't last long...we will begin filing our I-600A (petition to adopt an orphan) as soon as we receive the final copies of our homestudy...this means we get to be fingerprinted - again (fourth time).  The good news is that I have really begun to develop a sense of patience and a strong sense of inner peace that has eluded me for some time.  I am definitely trying to take what time I have to finish my master's degree and really take better care of both Patrick and I - poor guy has the virus that I had last week.  Our homestudy, which was supposed to be sent to South Korea on the first of March will actually be sent on the first of April.  Let the praying continue that Patrick and I receive the baby that God has intended for us and that the baby's first family be granted health and peace in their time of loss.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

New Book

The day I received the book, A Love Like No Other in the mail, I sat down to browse some of the stories, and really got caught up in them.  The format of the book is that individual writers each contributed one chapter.  They are all from adoptive families, and many are nontraditional in make-up.  The families themselves are very diverse in every conceiveable way.  I loved the forthrightness of all of the authors, telling the good and the bad.  I highly recommend it to anyone who is either interested in adopting or who is open minded and curious about learning about the types of families that do adopt.  I am learning that on this journey, while Patrick and I will get a family and children that we will love, we will be facing many challenges that biological parents don't face, from the more miniscule school 'family tree' assignments, to the weighty issues of racism and anti-immigration feelings that seem to be on the rise right now.  Sometimes, I am feeling ready to take any of these head-on, sometimes, like today, I feel intimidated, even though I know we will make it through.

I am also VERY concerned about our adoption progress.  We thought that our homestudy would be sent to S. Korea on the first of the month, but it won't be.  Arg!  I need to figure out how to relax!