Saturday, February 5, 2011

A Picture is Worth a 1,000 Words

How many times have we all heard this saying?  I love it, but right now,  it's making for a difficult task.  We have been asked to compile 6-8 photographs that represent our lives.  These will be pictures that may be shown to birthparents, foster parents, and may even be the first images that our baby will see of us, our home, and our family!  It's silly, really, I guess, to worry so much about them, especially when we have completed the 'heap big pile' of papers called a home study.  We have come so far: from the grouchy fingerprinter at the county police department that made me cry, to the frantic dusting and vacuuming that I couldn't be talked out of before the home visit, to the late nights trying to figure out exactly what in the world to name the baby that won't remind us (or my in-laws) of a mischievous student!  What pictures do I send?  I canNOT send the ones of Patrick still in full mustache...though they are hilarious; and I abhor 99% of the pictures of myself.  I was able to get some really cute ones of the front of the house and of the baby's nursery, at least.  I definitely want to get one of Patrick, his parents, and I at church.  I'd love to get one of my mother and I, but she dislikes pictures as much as I do!  Our school portraits are really nice this year, and I have considered sending them.  We'll see.  I can't wait to send off this final packet.  Everything is supposed to be sent to South Korea on the first of March.  Hopefully, we will get a referral quickly after that!

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