Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Paperwork Progress & Spaghetti Squash

Patrick and I are very happy to say that we once again met the challenges of the adoption process and have turned in the mountain of paperwork that the agency requested on Friday.  With the help of our family, friends, and God we tracked down and put together a packet that exceeded forty documents, though this package weighed only 3 pounds when we were done (as opposed to the 6 pound package that we turned in a few weeks ago).  We did spend the extra little bit to overnight the paperwork, in an effort to keep us on track for sending our info to Korea in March, though it doesn't look like we are going to get out until April now.

Keep your fingers crossed for us.  One of our ponies, Smokey, is having problems and will likely have minor surgery Friday to correct some issues.  We are hoping that the vet to whom we were referred (the third that we've seen for her since October) will have some new insight and treatment ideas.  She's been on quite a litany of medications since she became ill, poor girl.

I am now reading A Love Like No Other, a collection of adoption stories, and I will be blogging about it soon.

On a completely unrelated and very random side-note, we have re-discovered spaghetti squash.  Holy Moly!  After the initial sticker shock (I didn't realize that I had a 6 lb squash @ $1.99/lb), I became unusually excited about preparing this humble veggie.  I roasted it yesterday, though we practically needed a chainsaw to cut through the rind, and it came out perfectly!  Pleasant little spaghetti-like strings of squashy goodness!  Yes, I know that last detail is a sentence fragement, but, back to the point, I made some of my marinara with chicken sausage and my little secret...firm tofu (he he!)...to go with it tonight.  Eating it made my mouth and stomach sing for joy.  Before I'd finished more than a few bites, I turned to Patrick to remark on how delightful I deemed the dish...only to see him hork down his last bite and threaten to lick the plate clean!  What a hit!  We have leftovers for lunch, and I am going to use another good bit of the squash in a stir-fry tomorrow...hopefully it will, once again, be so delightful that I cannot help but blog about such silliness!

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