Monday, February 21, 2011

Paper work Fatigue

I think there really does come a time when we get so tired of paper work, we just can't stand it!  I have written 3 papers in 4 days for my master's program, on top of trying to get this last (unexpected) packet ready to be overnighted to the adoption agency tomorrow.  Whew!  Not bad work for 3 days' time!  I am seriously considering taking a half day off soon for personal time, but I really don't want to do that when I know I will need the days off with our baby.  I think maybe some long naps and evenings to relax may be just what the doctor ordered!  Hopefully, this week will be restful and quiet, even at work, so that I can get myself geared up to keep up the good work!  I feel fairly superhuman when I look at the sheer quantity of tasks Patrick and I've completed in the last few days - all with the help of our WONDERFUL family!!

I am also really worried about Smokey, one of our horses.  She's been sick for a while, and we've been to 3 vets and tried multiple treatments over the last 6 months to no avail.  She's not worse - thankfully - but she's not better, either.  She will see a fourth vet (a surgeon) this Friday to see if he can help ease her pain and cure her illness.  Otherwise, she'll have to either go to the hospital in Jersey (GA) or to the UGA veterinary hospital.  Hopefully, she'll be better soon.  She's been through so very much in her short lifetime! 

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