Monday, February 7, 2011

Home Study Paperwork

Now that we have finished our home study, I finally feel like an expectant mom.  It was such a HUGE step to get that part of the work behind us - although I just found out that we will have to be fingerprinted for a 4th time when filing immigration paperwork for the baby.  I am still in disbelief that the GBI lost our fingerprints (we had to have them redone).  The good news is that when we decide that our first baby is ready for a sibling, we will be able to update our homestudy, instead of starting over.  We are currently working on some more mundane paperwork, and, of course, deciding on pictures :) !  The current set of paperwork will probably be sent back to the agency in a day or two, at which point we have been advised to start working on our I-600A (immigration paperwork).  I am working (well, trying to finish) my master's degree during the wait for the baby's referral; so at least I have more distractions.  I keep thinking about and wondering about our future baby.  It's possible that the baby has already been born, even.  I was joking around earlier about how at least pregnant women know about how long they will have to wait to become a mom!

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