Sunday, February 13, 2011

New Book/ New Projects

I just finished reading a book called Adopted for Life by Russell Moore.  I really enjoyed reading about his experiences with adoption, as well as his Christian viewpoints on various aspects of adoption.  He and his wife adopted 2 sons from Russia simultaneously, and, later, had 2 biological sons. For me, his book was a breath of fresh air and a reminder that, ultimately, God is in control.  While I don't think adoption is for everyone, I appreciate his comments about the impact that infertility can have, and thoroughly respect his ideas about IVF, though we know many wonderful families have been created this way.  We turned down IVF for the same reasons that he and his wife rejected the procedure - we knew that it simply wasn't what God wanted for our family.

On another note, I have begun some more projects for the baby; a latch hook wall-hanging of Winnie the Pooh (I have a serious crush on that silly bear!) and a new afghan blanket.  Patrick is also teasing me about my new yellow duckie obsession :), (I really might decorate our hall bathroom with ducks!), especially in light of the fact that I am petrified of birds.

We sent off the remainder of the paperwork that was required, and everything should be set to go to Korea on March 1st. 

Now I'm just trying to work on my Master's degree so that it will be done when I become a mommy.  This is easier said than done, even though taking Calculus 3 online is a great distraction!

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